On the Bridleway was created to share my love for reading, all things Bookish, Lifestyle and Travel with the world; most especially You!

Yes YOU!!!

It is a blog for Book lovers and Bloggers alike to talk about all things Books; recommendations, reviews, literary events, favourite lists, Authors, discussions and all the nitty-gritty about the Bibliophile world.

This idea started out 18 months ago when I was in a not-so-great place, solace was found in the comfy pages of books. My first read, if my memory serves me correctly, was Lola Shoneyin’s “The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives”- an interesting read about Baba Segi, his wives and how “his” children came into exixtence, set in the Western part of Nigeria.

Whence I moved to the eventful world of the Catholic Church (I am Catholic, by the way), Conclave and the Renaissance Architecture that Dan Brown gave us in “Angels & Demons”. At this point, I must chip in that Dan Brown is my favorite author, a few others come close; with this Blog, I intend to add more to the list with your recommendations too.

Dan Brown captured my mind and body, I could not for the life of me get rest until I finished that book and the others as time went on. The latest of the protagonist’s journey, Robert Langdon in “Origin” is out, although not read, I intend to share this with you so you can understand my love for him.

I definately couldn’t limit this space to a Literary Blog, when my mind has been captured by the descriptions of the buildings and places in Brown’s novels; hence my reason for adding Travel & Lifestyle.

Starting with my country, Nigeria, I hope to visit as many places before moving to West Africa, other parts of Africa and other continents. As my family, you would get the unadulterated, first-hand scoop of everything.

This is a budding blog, as I am a beginner in the Bookish World and the Blogosphere at large. I have no particular genre of books to lay emphasis on, so this would be a collaborative effort to find out which ones. Nevertheless, let us enjoy every phase!

On that note, I invite you to begin this journey with me, experience life, un-learn and re-learn a lot of stuff, with the ultimate outcome of becoming a Loving Community and having Fun while at it!

That idea 18 months ago has finally been birthed!


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