Life Lately : What!!! The first half of 2019 gone…

I really cannot believe that the first half of 2019 is gone. Weren’t we just calling, sending messages wishing each other a “prosperous 2019”?

June seemed like a long time from January but, here we are; gradually heading into July. I am grateful for it.

I just figured that you all need to know a bit more about me. This blog isn’t a typical book blog. I wanted this space to be my own world, so apart from sharing my love for books, I’d also infuse sprinkles of Lifestyle, Travel and hopefully when I defeat the voice in my head that tells me that my writings aren’t good enough; I would share my writing.

Heads up! This might be long but, I’d definitely humour you.

Local girl proposes, God shakes his head and does better

So you know how at the last week in December, you must have pulled out your journal and written your “Next Level” plans for the year? Well, your girl did just that except, she had written her own plans twice.

On my last birthday, I had written down a 24 – item plan for my life. I truly did not know it would coincide with my current age. Anyway, I titled it “Agi 2.0” (as per, new upgrade). I would have listed the contents, but it would make this post longer. One key point I had written was my search for internship.

Apart from being a book blogger, I am actually a Pharmacist. I usually don’t tell people all the time in fact, when introducing myself, the last thing I mention is my profession. You know like, “Oh, I am a Pharmacist too!” In Nigeria, when you graduate, there is a mandatory one-year internship one must undergo before fully getting your license. You could either work in a community pharmacy, accredited hospitals, manufacturing companies, administrative offices or the academia. I was hell bent on working in a hospital outside of Lagos. I mean, I had started my “Ajala the Traveller” series too.

See ehn, Lagos is stressful. Traffic, noise and air pollution, the stress of dealing with crazed people each day, the lack of empathy and the roughness that comes with transportation was definitely not my calling. I wanted to experience another part of Nigeria, preferably the Southern part. I needed varieties of food, better roads and people, fresher air and vegetation all around me. Simply put, I just wanted Sanity.

Fate had something better in store. I had applied to quite a few, unfortunately, I didn’t get through. This made me a bit sad and withdrawn, I mean others had started theirs, even completed but, I chose to see it as a moment to develop myself and skills. Anyway, I decided to try applying to community pharmacies.

A few weren’t hiring at the moment so, I just decided to wait for Military Hospital (whom by the way were taking their damn time!). On a very sunny day, I get a message asking me to resume working at this pharmacy. I had no formal interview whatsoever and did not even meet my boss until the second week of working there.

When I look back at it, I just knew in my heart that Jesus had been reserving this place for me. It isn’t far from my home and I really do not have to deal with traffic and struggling for bus.

On the Bridleway was born…

Honestly, this blog idea had been swimming in my head for the longest time, lets say 2 years now. I had so many “what ifs” that kept on threatening its existence but, one of those days that I was in Asaba, Delta state, I just made up my mind to do this. It was now or never.

So, whilst taking in the evening sun and enjoying the soft caresses the breeze made on my skin, I decided to go through with the plan. I am still trying to navigate my way through this and I am lucky to have made friends with some really, really amazing and understanding people who check in on me and make sure that this new path chosen actually leads to a great destination.

Finally finding myself and making friends

2018 wasn’t the best year for me. I had really tough moments dealing with some attitudes and also my friends. I learnt a great deal concerning friendships and just decided that new people would be a breath of fresh air (this phase should be a post on its own, I would when the words are right). I was intentional in choosing whom to allow into my space.

Mahatma Gandhi said; “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” I realised that people whom I loved hurt me terribly. Despite it all, I knew I had to forgive them so I could heal and be at peace with myself. Also, I needed to be happy. I needed to exude happiness in order to find happiness… (you get right?)

Did I get new friends? I did and I love them dearly. Also, Bookstagram and Book blogging has been a great avenue of meeting with people and getting to know them. On finding myself, honestly, it is a journey and one has to be intentional about it every single day. It can be draining when you discover that you have some flaws but, what is your response to them? How do you accept them? Do you leave them that way or decide to work on them?

That lifestyle that says you should accept people the way they are is just load of bullshit. You should not be forced to accept inconsistency, insensitivity etc. from people under the guise of “this is who I have been since Adam”. NO! Do not go through that line. Once you realise that this person’s spirit would disrupt your carefully – thought out life, then let them go. FLEE FROM THEM.


This was part of Agi 2.0 upgrade. I wanted to be a part of a community that gives. Community Health Support Scheme gave me that platform. I wrote a post on that amazing experience visiting children with special needs and these kids stole my heart.

You will know why: See here

Oh! Phone got stolen; almost shed a tear

Honestly, if you want to bore me to death, take me to a wedding or a club. During my undergraduate years my friends could kill me with their looks each time I was focused on my phone. Any human would think I may be looking through social media or pictures but, this girl was actually READING! Yep! I read during those events. This was due to the fact that I can not dance. In a wedding, after the meals, I could start off a conversation with someone if the music is not loud. A club, this would be incredibly difficult, so I just stuck to my role of guarding the girls’ belongings and their drinks. I have even graduated to carrying a physical book with me.

We had a family wedding in April which coincided with a Bookish event I had programmed on my calendar for two whole months. My family just woke up and fixed a day, just like that without even taking my feelings into consideration. The D-Day came, my outfit was on point; even tied “Gele” for the first time, honestly I looked great. The celebration was intimate which is my kind of weddings, had a whole of of people I hadn’t seen in years – it was amazing.

My aunt had previously asked me not to help out with the serving of guests. I mean, we had the waiters but, their service was poor. How could you serve without cutlery? Two people had been given food without cutlery, I noticed and decided to get for them. This little action set the tone for the event for me. I continued serving people. My bag, I kept under the watchful eyes of my mum’s friend. Until the ceremony was over, I had no need to use my phone except for a few pictures. Trying to pack up for home, my phone was no where to be found. Thorough searches did not bring back the phone and I almost shed a tear, I could not anyway because there were fine men there (I know right, can not be spoiling my reputation).

This really pained me as I had really important documents on it but, I got a new one a week later. Another thing that hurt my feelings? I don’t have my Bomb photos to show you guys!

How has the first half of 2019 been for you? Any amazing milestones? New job? Promotion? Improvement on Person? Do tell me, I would love to know and do a happy dance with and for you!

I also read quite a lot, found this e-book app called Anybooks that has been helping me as well as a book club or two that I am part of. Truly looking forward to bigger achievements and blessings this remaining half and I pray yours would be equally Beautiful!

Love always,


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