Book Review: Stab Love with Flower Stalks by Amethyst Saw

Title: Stab Love with Flower Stalks

Author : Amethyst Saw

Publication: June 18th,2019

Genre : Erotica, LGBT+ & Adult Fiction

Blurb: Journey through time with a flower goddess as she grapples with love, how its delicate beauty holds her captivated and it’s stem filled with thorns so harsh, brings pain to who seeks to hold it forever.
Get lost with a soul, who has repeatedly travelled through time, listen to the scary confessions shared with a lover, be enamoured by the fluidness of her relationship with love as it’s vividly painted in the poems that comes from feeling the fiery passion that vibrates through her.

Stab Love with Flower Stalks is a collection of 13 flash stories and poems, which are mostly queer romance and erotica, narrating the delicate beauty and jarring pains of falling in love.

Tagged for : POC Representation (Black People), Mental Health (Anxiety). Bisexuality, Sapphic, Alcohol Addiction, Pain & Heartbreak

Book Review

Amethyst Saw paints what love is, what love should be with her collection of poems and short stories. These are beautiful musical notes to lovers calling them to wholeheartedly accept themselves, irrespective of their diverse sexuality and all that makes each one an individual.

The lyrical words fill the soul and heart with a gentle,subtle breeze akin to taking an evening walk on the beach. Her message in every page just rings;Love, Individuality and Acceptance -Acceptance of whom you are whilst basking in the euphoria of love without holding back oneself in expressing it.

Stab Love with Flower Stalks is an easy, fluid read. One in which you can devour in forty-five minutes. Yet this work demands another re-read or two so as to absorb the rich pictures and meanings each poem paints.

Guest Post



I started writing this manuscript a few days to my birthday. After it had beat furiously like a second heart (Cheryl Strayed,Tiny Beautiful Things), pounding its unravelling narrative into my head. When I finished the second draft I knew I had to share it with the world. My work is vividly descriptive and passionate. It immerses you in riveting narratives. The past two years I’ve written erotic stories on my literary blog. They’ve focused on encouraging healthy relationships for females, their sexuality and the world. In this time, I’ve gotten messages from readers who thank me; for sharing stories that simply gave pleasure yet intricately narrated core human feelings and realities.

Value your work, give it mission. Be generous.’ Logan February (Author, In The Nude) advised aspiring poets in his Guardian Life’s interview. I saved this. I myself know the power of accepting, representative online spaces. This is what I hope my work will continue doing. Now you are falling in love (Amethyst Saw, Stab Love With Flower Stalks) what’s next? Another key theme in my work is self love. Its woven into the time travel, practised by the Flower Goddess and cultivated on each page.

I Foresee

I think my erotica will influence three key things; Compassion, Sex Positivity and Visibility. My erotic stories and poems are compassionate. They urge the LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria to be self compassionate and other readers to be compassionate. Sex positivity is vital in promoting acceptance, encouraging consensual, safe, pleasurable sex practices and championing body autonomy. Reading intricate words that show how to lick a plum bottom lip in a kiss without feeling shame when breasts brush against erect nipples is freeing.

Visibility is one thing I see my work influencing. Queer sex is valid. African queer erotica should be more visible because representation matters. Especially for those finding themselves daily. For relearning how to love and lust, even when you are found. I’m delighted its joining outstanding published online and print works in this genre. Also, my work features plus-size African female characters. Its says, you are desirable and needed.

My work spotlights the African Feminine Divinity and Polyamory. Its references to beautiful nature nudge us to actively partake in sustaining our environment. Its sensual and lush words show, this is how you love out. If just one person reads it and thinks, ‘this, I connect with’ That is precious. Literature has the power to change people. People make and uphold cultures, religious doctrines and laws–and can change them.

‘Love is fluid. Love is scary’ (Amethyst Saw, Stab Love With Flower Stalks) and my work is that little book of its raw explorations.

About the Author

a picture of the author, Amethyst Saw
Amethyst Saw

Amethyst Saw is a creative writer and literary blogger. Her queer erotica, chick lit and magical stories encourage healthy relationships for females, their sexuality and the world. On days she’s not resisting her chocolate and “ponmo” addictions. Amethyst is reading, photographing books and nature, talking about literature and life. Or honestly, doing all three.

She can be found on ; * Twitter * Instagram * Blog


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