My very First post {my heart is bursting with joy}

{insert song that Ant-man danced to when he finally got released from house arrest in Marvel’s Ant-man and the Wasp}

Agnes here! {grinning while waving hands happily}

I am a twenty-something year old young lady who seriously wants to escape the mind of limitations; trust me, we all have this mind that we can’t do so much and get stuck in that pit, hence I landed here as part of my numerous breaking free plans.

Welcome to my own little corner of the vast space that is the Internet where algorithm has nothing on me, and it was created just for you.

Yes You!

As the name implies, Bridleway means a “path”, as such this is the path or lane where we get to discuss all things Books, Life and Travel. I could squeeze in a few bits of Writing / Poetry too.

In terms of Travel, I would be focusing on Nigeria first, we have a beautiful home filled with lots of people of different cultures and languages, I mean it has been estimated that there a over 200 ethnic groups – we definitely are Different!

As many places I get to visit, you all will get to know before I explore other parts of Africa and Continents.

on my recent visit to Asaba, Delta State

I’m still a baby Blogger, so, this space is all about finding my voice, trials and errors would definitely come up, notwithstanding I have you to help me out till my footing is found.






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